Interstellar Membership


Dedicated Flight Booking Concierge

2 Primary Members Plus 4 Additional Passengers

Snacks, Refreshments & Alcoholic Beverages

Transportation To and From Scottsdale Airport

In-Hangar Parking at Scottsdale Airport

Custom Private Airports Closer to Final Destination



❌ Large Upfront Cost

❌ High Cost Per Flight Hour

❌ Minimum Annual Flight Hours

❌ 6 Figure Spend to Realize Value

❌ Inefficient For Most Personal Flights



❌ Share Plane With Strangers

❌ Not Flying On Your Schedule

❌ No Custom Destinations

❌ Flights Often Not Available

❌ Responsible For Transportation To and From Airport 


✅ Your Party Are The Only Passengers On The Jet

✅ Lowest Cost Per Flight Hour

✅ On-Demand Custom Itinerary

✅ Access to Smaller Airports 

✅ Enormous Value With Minimal Usage

✅ Fly As Little or As  Much As You’d Like

✅ Complimentary Private Parking and Transportation